West Side Scene Analysis

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Joslyn Arteaga Gana
April 06, 2016
Visual Analysis Paper: West Side Story Upside Down,
Backwards, Sideways and Out of Focus

Aldo Maldonado, a Nuyorican conceptual artist has focused on issues of identity. He was born in Utuado, Puerto Rico and moved to New York City at the age of seventeen. Aldo’s, West Side Story Upside Down, Backwards, Sideways and Out of Focus, communicates the idea of identity and how it has changed in circumstances. His identity has always been the Puerto Rican culture which is a blend of Spanish, African and indigenous Taino influences and he thinks that the collective identity for a Puerto Rican is an ‘out of focus identity.’ He says this because it was caused by trauma by mental colonization, first by Spain, and
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Puerto Rico became a commonwealth of the United States, and newer arrivals reached America. As Latino artists entered art schools, they created works based on their group histories and the United States. Their related cultural and historical experiences, which for some included being marginalized within American society, often shaped their artistic perspectives. Maldonado’s work of art fell under the theme of We Interrupt This Message where many American artists explored the impact of rising mass culture around the twentieth century. A generation of Latino artists came of age during this time and turned their attention to how television, film, advertising, and print media depicted communities with limited access to the means of…show more content…
The video made viewers think about the social conditions that caused Puerto Rican migration to American land and this partially inspired the film. By distorting the movie the movie in this way, it creates a certain disconnection with the viewer. Some effects including static and inverse colors, create very harsh visual effects that make the violent actions occurring in the movie stand out. Overall this video demonstrates more tension than the original movie does. This footage was placed at the center of a suitcase having the viewer come into close contact with the piece of art as a way of looking into the lives of Puerto Ricans. Given that this work of art is a suitcase and has footage of Puerto Ricans in New York it symbolizes the idea of migration and how they traveled from their homeland to the new mainland,

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