Informative Speech On West Virginia

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I am going to give you many facts about West Virginia. Some of them may be boring to you but for me they are all interesting. I am doing this because it is one of the end of the year projects. I was chosen this state by a random name picker. At first I was so bored of it, but now that I researched it, it is actually very interesting. Now I am going to give you some real facts. The capital is Charleston, the population in 2014 was 1,852,994. The nickname of West Virginia is the Mountain state, the state motto is Semper Liberi (“Mountaineers Are Always Free”). The state tree is a Sugar Maple, state color of West virginia is blue and gold, and the largest city in West Virginia is the state capital Charleston. It became a state on June 20 1863, some major colleges are Morgantown WV, Bluefield state college. The state fish is a Brook Trout, the state insect is a honey bee. The state reptile of West Virginia is a Timber Rattlesnake, The state butterfly is a Monarch butterfly. Last but not least, the state fruit which is a Golden Delicious apple. As said on Google Search. Some important facts about West Virginia; following the wheeling conventions of 1861, in which delegates from some Unionist counties of northwestern Virginia during the American Civil War, although they…show more content…
Natural disasters like floods, in mountains floods can result in heavy rain or sudden snow melts. Fires, can be started by lightning, human carelessness, or arson, and can spread very rapidly. Winter storms; you need to pay attention to weather forecasts in your area and stay at home if possible until roads are clear, downed electrical wires are cleared, and services restore. Hurricanes and tornadoes, West Virginia is not a typical hurricane or a tornado path, however, very high wind sometimes with heavy rain, can create emergency conditions. As said in
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