Western And East Asian Literature Essay

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IX: Comparing Western and East Asian Literature

IX(a): Similarities

Arguably, there are very few similarities between Western and East Asian portrayals of dystopian-utopian societies. However, there is no doubt that the only quality that joins the two very different schools of thought together would be how they are all human beings. Based off the analyses on A Wrinkle in Time, The Hunger Games, Psycho-Pass and No.6, I will now be exploring the similarities that Western and East Asian literature both share.

Part (a) of Section IX aims to answer the following question(s) pertaining to portrayal:

What are the similarities between Western and East Asian portrayals of dystopian-utopian societies?

Love for independence. Western and East Asian literary masterpieces alike embrace their independence fiercely and is a theme often brought up throughout the texts. Breaking free from an overbearing power figure is a constant in these texts. This can attributed to the fact that literature in East Asia and Europe are considered postcolonial works, owing to how they were once colonized before
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When it comes to the most basic questions of what it means to be a human being, there is no division in the Western and Eastern sides of the world. Both share a fundamental purpose of philosophy to find meaning in one’s life and purpose to one’s path. According to the analysed texts, the common human innate trait of “curiosity” and “otherness” is exploited. For example, in A Wrinkle in Time, the concept of “otherness” is frequently explored through the introduction of actual aliens and life forms outside of Earth; in The Hunger Games, “otherness” is conveyed through the Districts and how little is known about other districts besides the fact that they exist; in Psycho-Pass Akane is curious about how the Sybil System works; in No.6, Shion, who has never set foot outside Kronos, has his curiosity piqued when he finally learns about the slumps outside the

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