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THE BEST WESTERN BELTS FOR MEN No one can deny that accessories is an essential element in creating an amazing outfit. They have that power to whether make or destroy your entire outfit. For example, it would be a disaster to wear flip flops to a wedding or wearing dress shoes to play tennis. Without a doubt, belts are definitely a must-have men’s wardrobe. A belt when was chosen properly, can add a subtle detail and dimension to your look. Belts are an amazing accessories that help you to showcase your individual taste, personal preference. Here are the best western belts for you to choose. BC WEAR’S LEATHER BELT STRAP WITH EMBOSSED WESTERN SCROLLWORK 1.5" WIDE WITH SNAPS. This belt is made by genuine leather with stunning embossed pattern…show more content…
It is embossed with real leather hand-woven in to an X pattern and scorpion design. There are snaps for interchanging buckles. Sizes are varied from 32 to 46 inches. There are three colors available: brown, tan and black. The most eye-catching part is the beautiful hand work design of the belt. With this unique design, you can dress up any casual or western style outfit. The leather itself is thick, strong and sturdy. The quality is above average, better than what you would expected. However, it is not really durable, the lacing pattern will unravel after a period of time. Overall, this belt is a great choice if you just wants an average belt with unique design. LEVI'S MEN'S LEATHER BELT WITH ANTIQUED BUCKLE This is also a 100% made from real leather. The belt does not provide snaps for interchanging buckle. However, it features a stunning antique snap-off buckle with two horse logo design. Sizes vary from 30 to 44 inches. Only one color is available. This belt is well made with high quality leather that is strong and sturdy. The buckle is the most attractive feature of this belt. Its durability is also pretty impressive. The only problem is the buckle is not really sturdy and keeps coming off. Overall, this is a nice belt that you would want to have it in your wardrobe. SOUTHWESTERN PATTERN PUEBLO HIKER BELT MADE IN USA BY THOMAS…show more content…
However, the pueblo pattern is gorgeous and give a frontier heritage vibe to any look. The polycarbonate locking cam buckle is sturdy, strong and suitable for any outdoor activities. There is only one size that fits to size 42. This is a great belt for air travel. Well, we all know that moment when you have to take out your belt in front of lots of people to pass that security checkpoint. With this belt, no longer have you suffer that situation anymore. The belt is lightweight but holds securely. There is only one small issue that the belt is a bit thinner than usual, it would be perfect if it was wider. At a whole, this is an amazing belt that suitable for almost everyone. You won’t be regret buying

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