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Rome’s culture didn’t vanish overnight as it took years upon years for the Germanic people to move into Europe and transform it. With the times changing and influence from the Roman civilization, Germanic culture, and Christianity its transformation was the period of “Late Antiquity.” Islam along with the Byzantine Empire would impact and be in touch with the West over the Middle Ages. With the Germanic people moving from one place to another, Europe developed very differently than their succeeding generations of the Roman Empire. Ultimately the differences related are the main factor of the story of Western Civilization.
Europe was very different because of the Germanic people. The Germanic people moved from place to place and doing so
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Civilization consisted of Christianity, Roman culture, and Germanic traditions. Around this time the Carolingians, a new dynasty, showed up to rule the Frankish Kingdom. Charlemagne, the dynasty’s most famous king, spread out the confines of the Frankish Kingdom. Charlemagne conquered Bavaria, Saxony, northern Italy, Brittany, and even into Spain. Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne in the year 800, in recognition of his gratitude, as Emperor. With being crowned Emperor this showed the popes power to crown a leader of the people. Rulers would now see themselves as a protector of the Church. European rulers and the Christian church relationship showed an important aspect of political life in the Middle Ages. Charlemagne took the role of protector as a very important role. In his role as a zealous defender of Christianity, Charlemagne gave money and land to the Christian church and protected the popes (History). Knowing that people in his realm were not educated, he felt threatened and decided to set out a plan to educate said people. The Carolingian Renaissance was set into place as he founded schools, gathered scholars, and set forth for monasteries to cop and distribute manuscripts. Thousands of manuscripts were made and because of this we have the knowledge of this past. Charlemagne continued tradition of the Roman empire and preserved much of the classical

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