Western Culture In Thailand

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Thailand is a country full of rich history and sacred traditions that have been passed down through generations. Today, it remains one of the only South Asian country’s to have been left uncolonized by Europeans (Encyclopedia Britannica, "Thailand," 2018, para. 3). As a result of this, Thailand remained uninfluenced by western culture for quite some time. This provides a key insight into Thailand’s culture and why the Thai people so passionately celebrate their history and customs. According to Tom Sykes, Thai people are known for their friendliness and hospitality (Global Road Warrior, “Thailand”, n.d., Greetings and Courtesies section, para. 1). They welcome guests into their homes and have a polite demeanor towards foreigners. Thailand has been nicknamed “The Land of Smiles,” because of the kindhearted nature of its people (Sykes, Global Road Warrior, “Thailand”, n.d., Greetings and Courtesies section, para. 1) Thai people are also generally concerned about health and for this reason value physical appearance and being active (Sykes, Global Road Warrior, “Thailand”, n.d., Gift Giving section, para. 3). There are a number of different sports the people of Thailand enjoy participating in as a form of exercise or entertainment. Traditional sports such as Sepak Takraw (kick volleyball), Krabi Krabong (a weapon-based martial art), and the most popular sport Muay Thai (Thai boxing), are still commonly practiced today (Global Road Warrior, “Thailand”, n.d., Sports section,
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