Western Culture Vs Cowboy Essay

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The western culture and American Wild West in beliefs of many mean cowboys, guns, violence, lands, horses, cattle and gunshots. As Stegner mentioned” The western culture and western character with which it is easiest to identify exist largely in the West of make-believe, where they can be kept simple” (Stegner, pg 101). Based on this statement what majority believe about the West and western culture is just a portray of the West and cowboy by the mass media and western novels which are not true and being proved opposite based on research and valid sources. The majority of people know the West by some of the famous outlaws such as Bill Dalton, Jesse James, Bill Doolin and Dalton Brothers. Although the American old west or frontier means…show more content…
The media portrays cowboys as violence group and what the majority of people believes. Is not boring and unusual to watch a Cowboy movie with a bunch of cowboys just take care of cattle and farming? Or read a novel that doesn 't talk about cowboys fight, destroying the town, local store and dueling? Theodore Roosevelt describes Cowboy-Land in 1893 as “ As soon as communities become settled and begin to grow with any rapidity, the American obligated to be a law to himself and to guard his rights with a strong hand” (pg 203). In addition to that Theodore Roosevelt mentioned that “ Most of the men with whom I was intimately thrown during my life on the frontier and in the wilderness were good fellows, hard-working, brave, resolute, and truthful “ (pg 203). Robert Dykstra, who is a professor of history and public policy published in his book The Cattle Towns, he did not also support the violence and wilderness of the West and also cowboy violence and homicide in the cattle town lived on in public image and popular subjects of cowboy movies and the mass media only. By taking a brief look at the table on page 215, it demonstrates that the cattle town
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