Western Empire Chapter 6 Summary

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Based on Chapters 6 and 7, describe how power was exercised and by whom in the Eastern and in the Western Empire. Theodosius- last emperor to rule over both East and West Power was most times taken by force in 500; Barbarian tribes in Western wreaked havoc with constant barbarian invasions (Barbarians vs Europe= why barbarian means uncivilized and cruel). Ostrogoths established a kingdom in Italy that eventually fell to imperial troops, which left Northern Italy left defenseless -Because of this, the Lombards came in and established their own kingdom Franks entered the Roman province of Gaul (which included France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and parts of Switzerland and Germany), and conquered all by 534 6th century; There was no more Roman structure of…show more content…
Sharing a faith gave conquerors and the conquered common ground. Clovis became the leader and had almost all of Gaul under his control by the time of his death in 511. He was first in line of the Kings known as the Merovingians. After he died, bloody battles always happened to find successors. Rivals would always end up tearing the kingdom to pieces so by the 8th century, the mayors of the palace were behind the throne In 723, Mayor Charles Martel led an army and defeated Muslim troops invading from Spain, which halted Islam’s expansion into the West Charles named the dynasty ‘Carolingians’ The first king of the Carolingians was his son Pepin the Short. He was crowned with papal approval* in 751 after Childeric II went off to a monastery/ *Since Constantine, emperors had been claiming control over the church and the church had been claiming the right to tell Emperors what to do. In this time, the Pope approved the removal of one king and putting another in his place. At this point in time, collaboration of Church and State has reached a new
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