Western Europe During The Dark Ages

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Intro Paragraph: The period of time between the fall of Rome(500 AD), to the beginning of the Renaissance(1400 AD) was known as the Dark Ages. During this time, Western Europe was under constant struggle due to issues from within. Mainly, the decline of education, the unrest caused by the barbarians, and the lack of a stable economy. It is fair to call the period of time from the fall of Rome to the Renaissance the "Dark Ages." Paragraph 1: This period of time was known as the "Dark Ages" because of the decline of education, literature, and art. Life in the dark ages was miserable because there were little or no advancements, education became a commodity, and learning was not a main goal. After the fall of Rome, Western Europe had sparse advancements. This led to Europe getting semi-cutoff from the rest of the world. Due to the fact of separation, Europe proceeded to a lack of cultural…show more content…
During the years after the fall of The Roman Empire. Europe fell into a time where Barbarian tribes ruled the land. This created unrest because of the constant fighting that went on between the rival barbarian rulers. Fighting between the Barbarians was very common. One clan never ruled very long before they were attacked.This created much unrest. The common people never knew when they would be attacked or taken over. This led to widespread violence though out Europe. To make matters more difficult for Europe 's citizens, a Barbarian supremacy ruled Europe. The barbarians, who ruled Western Europe, had a poor sense of how to manage their territory in way not involving bloodshed. This led to bad economies and unorganized communities. During the rule of the Roman Empire, Western Europe flourished due to the stable economy, and organized government. The Dark Ages were a time of misery because of the disturbance and disorder caused by the
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