Western Justice Center Rationale Analysis

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Rationale/Author’s Position

The Western Justice Center (WJC) organization function is to promote conflict resolution education and peer mediation in schools. Evident, the conflict arises every day and everywhere, like in school settings, where one student has issue with another. Specifically, WJC objective is to train teachers at school to conflict resolution, mediation skills, then train the peer students t mediate as well, so when in conflict the peer student is able to meditate a dispute with a trained support. As illustration, disputes between students usually end up with a physical fight, bullying and frequently ends with lost friendship. In the event there is a disagreement the students have an opportunity to go to peer mediator in
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First thing to remember, students are not protected from problems or disagreement, issue that happened at home also transfers to school or the inner conflict turn into exterior ones. Especially, as children are not quite skilled to resolve the disputes adequately, for this reason the peer mediation project is practical. Another key point, the traditional problem solving techniques, where adult interferes and makes a decision is to becoming less effective. Notably, students have the ability to solve their issue with proper mediation training. In fact, WJC uses different types of peer, ones that have more influence in the school community and the ones that have less impact, this way the students receive fair…show more content…
Often students do not know how to reach out, who to talk to or how to respond to a conflict. For this reason conflicts escalate, even though there are people who are able to train teachers and peers to handle such conflict in healthy way. The traditional school conflict resolution method, where adult decides the outcome for the student is becoming inefficient, so peer mediation provides the student with an opportunity to talk it out and resolve the conflict they. The students see the value n the program, they want to learn how to act when in conflict, beside just with anger and save valuable relationships. This peer mediation program would be effective by reducing violence and fights. The WJC program provides students with essential life skills and leadership skills, which will help students, succeed in many aspects of life. After exploring this article and other materials I have come to a question “Would there be less violence and casualties if the mediation training would be part of students curriculum?” Instead of relaying on the program, which may come and go, but take upon bigger mission and incorporate the alternative dispute resolution classes into the teenagers schedule. For which reason students should wait till in college or university to learn mediation skills. These skills are essential and necessary in any age or stage in
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