Western Lake Castle History

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The Castle
The historic haunted castle, still a lived-in family home, is the jewel in the crown of this majestic setting on the Western Lake District. Host to private weddings, functions and parties, this awe-inspiring setting is simply idyllic.
See the Castle in all its glory and hear from the Pennington family, who has resided in the Castle since 1208, about Muncaster 's colorful history and residents.
Learn about Tom Fool aka Tom Skelton, court jester at Muncaster in the 16th Century with his links to Shakespeare and the ghost stories about him causing trouble today!
Only 10 miles away from ‘Britain’s favorite view’ at Wastwater, the Western Lake District is the hidden gem waiting for your discovery.

The US
Here in the US there are plenty of other White Lady legends. Many stories are variations on the same theme – a bride who died, either
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The remaining members of the Angus family donated Aggie to the Smithsonian in 1967 (one year after the photo above was taken). She sat in storage until she was moved to the Dolley Madison House in Washington, DC.

Druid Ridge Cemetery is located just outside the city of Baltimore in Pikesville, Maryland at 7900 Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore Co., MD 21208.
Of course, everyone loves a good conspiracy theory, so some people believe that the original statue still remains at Druid Ridge Cemetery as part of another statue.

And now
The infamous Bloody Mary!
There are several different stories regarding Bloody Mary. Some believe that the name Bloody Mary refers to Queen Mary I, who, as her reign as Queen of England, failed to produce an heir and had many miscarriages or fake pregnancies. Some people even think that she made the miscarriages happen herself. She was also cruel in the punishments she meted out to those she called heretics. For one or both of those reasons, her nickname became “Bloody
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