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The Western United States was founded upon several layers of political, economic, and social causes that started the Western movement. The passages from John Barr’s book Peace Came in the Form of a Women which looks at the west before large amounts of Europeans arrived and how the large Native American population organized themselves focusing in on the Caddo people. While William Hyde’s’ book Empires, Nations, and Families: A New History of the North American West 1800-1860 as it depicts the European look and motives for the westward movement. According to Barr and Hyde’s the west before the westward expansion tended to owned and operated by the large Spanish population in Mexico and the enormous cities of the Native Americans that made up the land. The majority of Native Americans had…show more content…
Forts existed but were few and far between. With this in mind it seemed greed pushed the population forward. The arrival of the of minors out searching for fortune isn’t as expected as according to Hyde’s the pacific trade was founded to help European business men mine by organizing through Hawaii many indentured servants from Hawaii, the Philippians and Asia to come and be laborers for three years in California for gold mining in return for their passage costs to the West Coast of the United States territories. Mining in the west did produced wealth but those who actually profited in the west was the merchants. In Hyde’s description of Sutter’s business deals “his own niche in buying stolen horses from Miwoks and selling them back to their original owners for a “recovery fee””(Hyde’s 188), this proves that societies tend to be based on the existence of business. It seems rather hard to believe that with this large mixture of people in the west would willingly go and try to work jobs and agriculture that without eastern economics system to support it has no

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