Western Religion Vs Islamic Predestination

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What if you live in a world where your life actions are created in advance by one superhuman being? Predestination is a concept viewed upon particular religious, expressed as the notion as every event in your life is ordained and predetermined by God. It is often mentioned in the Islamic and Western Religious views, where both have formed their own judgements regarding how predestination essentially works in sharing multiple similarities and differences. In brief, the Islamic conception of predestination offers two perspectives coming from the Mu’tazilites and Ash’arites, both sharing the idea of control over freedom. The Western religious view on the other hand claims that God gave human beings free will to determine their own paths in life. While the idea of Islamic predestination demonstrates freedom with a…show more content…
Firstly, predestination is understood as a theological concept in terms of God controlling everything that happens through history. Not only does God know what will happen to each of us, but as well cause all things to occur. Furthermore, predestination is a lot like fatalism in a sense that it does not rely upon any precise antecedent conditions. As previously mentioned, the Islamic and Western religious views have stated their own conceptions of predestination. The Islamic view has two alike, yet slightly opposing sides, the Mu’tazilites and Ash’arites. According to the Mus’tazilties view, predestination presents an idea of human freedom as entirely consistent with God’s power
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