Western Roman Empire Dbq Analysis

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The Western Roman Empire fell in the year 476 A.D, there were many factors contributing to the fall of the Empire, such as unconcerned citizens, population, expansion, religion, economic, slave labor, and the military. In Document 1 it states that people gave up on the Roman Empire and didn’t believe it was worth saving. Citizens weren’t allowed to take part in politics and were excluded from their own army. The government slowly lost support which increased the level of government fraud. Also, population decline was a big factor to the fall of Rome; it had decreased from 1,000,000 people to 250,000. The cause of the decrease was the lack of reproduction, plagues, warfare and lead poising, this made it difficult to recruit troops and economic life got worse.…show more content…
Document 2 shows the state the empire became too large, it was hard to control, as well as the introduction of Christianity. The expansion was a factor because it became very expensive to maintain which made the empire split it up into an eastern and western empire, that caused the west empire to weaken and strengthened the east empire. This made the government raise taxes, in an attempt to regulate the economy, but then citizen started purchasing fewer goods. In all this made people lose jobs and get laid off. Christianity was a factor because it replace the roman polyesthic religion that viewed the emperor as the god. Constantine tried to use this religion to unify the empire and regulate the eastern empire more efficiently. The eastern empire remained an effective political and economic
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