Western Society And Eastern Society In The Joy Luck Club

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The novel, Joy Luck Club shows the identities and cultural disconnect that is common among multigenerational newcomer families. The novel shows a description of how the identities from a country overseas don 't often match those of a western society. This clash can also make family relationships, such as the case in the Joy Luck Club a challenge.

Western Society and Eastern Society are different in many ways, Even though many Eastern Societies are starting to become westernized many of them still have deep-rooted culture and traditions that will not be broken for a long time when a family moves to a Western Society often the parents face challenges of the ways of Eastern Society. For example when Jing-Mei immigrates she experiences some form of culture shock especially on how the American foods, relationships and other values and items don 't match the culture of "blood-based "togetherness""(Adams, 8) that would have been normal back for her. "relies on a photographic effect that is not absolute in its effect on Jing-mei, and she is forced to admit that she could "never pass for true Chinese," particularly not when "true" Chinese "betray ... expectations of what Communist 'ethnic specimens ' ought to be" by indulging in "hamburgers, French fries, and apple pie à la mode" (Adams, 8)
However this is often not the case permanently with their children, When a child enters the Western education system they get exposure for 8+ hours a day 5 days a week to the Western

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