Western Vs Science Fiction Movies

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The memories of the old days bring us western movies, and the expectations of the future bring us the science fiction movies. The past and the future depict the look of present. Chronologically speaking, western movies are historical significant that fundamentally influence our way of thinking, and science fiction movies are the ideas that extending from the influences. However, I have noticed that these two genres can’t get away from present, because they are the consequences of the present. In other words, western movies bring the present problem back to the history, and sciences fiction movies bring the current issue to the future. Therefore, present is where everything started from. I always think about the present when I am watching western and science fiction movies. There are three reasons that support my point of view which present is the cause that affects the westerns and the science fictions by comparing the logos, aesthetics and the ethics of the two genres. Logos are critically essential to science fiction movies, and less importantly to western movies, because the present audiences have divided tastes of characters’ motivations. Emotion drives characters in western movies, justice in their bullet, and intuition pulls the trigger of their revolvers. In western movies, if characters have chances to fight, then they will not talk. If they have to talk, they are likely to talk about shooting each others heads. Western movies provide us rooms for the emotions

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