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Artem Palamarchuk PD120514 Western model of development is being promoted in the Middle East as the sole possible solution to end the poverty in the region. What are the main arguments of resistance to this model put forward by political actors in the Middle East? Discuss this issue with exemples from two or three case studies. Introduction The importance of the Middle East in world politics is invaluable. The combination of the huge hydrocarbon reserves and geographical location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa are attracted to this region the attention of leading world powers. The westernization process is trying to be present in Middle East along with such concepts like democratization, globalization and etc. This process of western model of development is not open welcomed in Middle East. Firstly due to broad history from which were created many important questions about West and East relations. Secondly the political regimes that were used and in some countries are still present and has negative impact on westernization process. Thirdly the place of religion in Middle East (Islam), which is has huge impact on Arab states.…show more content…
As it was mention above democratization is one of the products of westernization which is used in the Middle East, but so far is not successful like in Western countries. The main arguments of resistance towards westernization process, are great understands in political, economical and cultural (religious) spheres of the states. The democratization process is also closely linked with these spheres in Arab world and will be interesting to see how it works in those

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