Westernization And Westernization In Bhutan

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1.1 Background
Bhutan is a small Himalayan country also known as a landlocked country. Third king Jigme Dorji Wangchuck is known as the Father of modernization and introduced First Five Year Plan in 1961 in order to bring development in the country. His majesty the third king also implemented other ideas such as reaching out Bhutan to the world community by joining the United Nations in 1971 and domestic reforms such as the establishment of a National Assembly (Bhutan Majestic Travel, 2015). This process of development leads to different exposure to Bhutan. Many tourists across the country visit Bhutan because of its unique culture and identity. They prefer visiting Bhutan and learn how to dress into the national dress that is Gho and Kira. They admire our unique mask dance and they love to learn Dzongkha language. The irony is that our Bhutanese citizens mainly the youths are drawn towards western culture and their level of respecting or appreciating own Bhutanese culture is declining. Westernization comes from modernization. As Bhutan is no longer an isolated country and is exposed to many other foreign countries with the help of development in technologies, transportation systems and education level (Ura, n.d). Technologies help to connect people across the world with help of internet and telephones. Transportation systems are well developed that there is no inconvenience faced while traveling with help of airplanes. Education level in Bhutan has

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