Case Study: Westin Doha Hotel And Spa

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1.3 Organizational structure
Thirdly, the organizational structure in every hotel divides the staff into different groups. Each group has its functions, and every member has his or her job. There are more than fifteen departments in every hotel such as; HR, marketing, finance, sales and purchasing, food and beverage, housekeeping, security, front office, guest services, etc. So, there is a significant relationship between all the departments in a hotel, and also they communicate on one system (Manwal, 2014). The experience at Westin Doha Hotel and Spa was based on only four main departments; human resources, marketing, purchasing, and finance. Each department has clear functions to work every day and to communicate with the other departments
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The role of HR is hiring and firing people support the employees and giving the employees some advices to modify their weaknesses and to fix their faults. The HR manager at Westin hotel, he is multitalented in many fields. He is creative in communication with others; he should solve a lot of problems and issues which are related to the company. Every morning, HR manager signs a lot of papers and checks the dates of coming and leaving for the guests. He follows open door policy, so he is approachable. However, sometimes he closes his door when he completes a project or doing private issues. Also, he is a supervisor; he observes all the employees and their attitudes. Moreover, he adjusts all the employees by putting strict rules to follow and sometimes, HR manager holds a meeting to control all issues in a hotel and to suggest some projects to the employees by drawing a mind map. As well, a development manager at Westin hotel always sends email for all the employees to remind them about their duties and to motivate them forward. Also, she arranges trips for the employees after working hours to have fun and to communicate with each other’s. Moreover, she sends some quizzes to encourage them. She sends extra information such as; about healthy foods. Also, she usually makes training programs for the employees and makes calendars with checklist to know who attended the sessions and who not. All the data are kept in portfolio from the opening of the hotel till now. The development manager arranges events for the employees to work as a family in the hotel and to be close friends which means to integrate them into Westin hotel ambience. Second, finance department focuses on the expanses and revenue of the

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