Westin Hotel Case Study

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2. HRM HR department has a lot of responsibilities to do at the company or hotel such as; planning, recruitment, selection, on- boarding, appraisal, training & development, benefit and pay, transferring, succession, and employee performance. So, HR department is the basis of the company, and the staff at this department always works hard to achieve the mission and vision of the company.

2.1 Application the HRM model
HR model implies the description of the HR goals, objectives, standards, and abilities. HR model it is a link between HR department and all the departments in an organization. As well, HR helps the company to achieve its vision and mission. (HR management guide) Additionally, HR department has a lot of responsibilities to do
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Firstly, workforce planning means procedures or strategies that the company implements to achieve its goals. For example, at Westin hotel, HR department puts a plan every three months for the employees to achieve, and after the deadline the HRM finds the results of the plans. Then, the good performance by the employees is rewarded; the development manager at HR department is responsible to put the name and pictures of hardworking employees on the board to appreciate their work. Secondly, recruitment and selection means hiring new people, also HR department puts new employees under the period of observation for six months to check their competences and abilities. According to Ruth: “there are several pieces to the recruitment and selection process: sourcing candidates, reviewing and tracking applicants, conducting interviews and selection for employment.” (Mayhew, not found) Thirdly, performance appraisal means the evaluation of the performance of employee, and as it mentioned above the good performance usually rewards by the hotel every month. (performance appraisal)…show more content…
(Arbuckle, not found) By the training at Westin Doha Hotel and Spa, the improvements are based on hiring people, and how HR departments usually find difficulties to hire certain nationalities. As well, Westin hotel desires to change the rule of hiring people and to create facilities to bring more specialized people to work at the hotel. Next, HRM at Westin hotel works to bring foreign experts from Europe to make training courses for the employees at Westin hotel, and to give them professional strategies to overcome the current crisis in

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