Westing Game Similarities

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“It’s not what you have it’s what you don’t have that counts” (Raskin pg. 43). Is a very important quote in The Westing Game to finding Westing’s murderer. The sixth grade Gull Lake Middle School students have read and watched The Westing Game. Each student come up with their own opinion on which is better the novel or the movie. The Westing Game movie and book contains many similarities and differences that are worth exploring. The Westing Game is about the tenants pairs of sunset towers trying to figure Westing’s murderer. The pairs are gifted with 10,000 dollars and a set of four clues. Each of the pairs had their own idea about what the answer was to The Westings Game. A thirteen year old girl has come to a conclusion that the one who finds the fourth identity of Sam Westing is declared the winner. Later on Turtle wins and the rest of the heirs never know the answer because Turtle never tells anyone she wins. The Westing Game novel and movie have many similarities. The Westing Game novel and movie are similar in many ways. One of the main similarities between the novel and movie is that Turtle Wexler still wins Westings game. Also Turtle Wexler (T.R. Wexler) is always the main protagonist in both the movie and book. The final similarity between Turtle in the movie and the book is that she still kicks many of the characters as she did before. Westings actual game had many similarities too. In the book and movie each of the paired heirs get 10,000 dollars and a set of
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