Westminster Bridge Hotel Case Study

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adjustment. The Westminster Bridge Hotel works closely to the consultancy group to check on the ideas in the development of F&B including their bars, restaurant, banqueting and kitchen. This resulted in high occupancy rate and good feedback among their guest. Hotels and restaurants spend thousands of dollars in interior design projects to ensure that the ambiance and the atmosphere are appealing and comfortable to every customer (Eaton, n.d.). Well design F&B is a smart approach that encourages repeat visit and help improve to raise the rank of a restaurant that is favorable not just to customers, but most importantly to their top of mind preference to choose the location whenever needed. Therefore, the appropriate interior design and its contribution is also to boost the sales potential of the company (Holthouser, 2015). This study focuses on the interior design projects for F&B industries of how it is…show more content…
There is also an increasing demand in the development and updates of knowledge among interior designer to compete with cost efficiency and environmental challenges to reflect their expertise in integrating the physical and artistic value of the establishment. According to Gilbert Gillan, interior designing is more than just choosing the right wallpaper or fabric and furniture but it takes in depth creativity and organizational skills to make successful projects (Daily Post, 2005). Research Questions 1. What are the key success factors that need to be considered in the delivery of cost effective interior design projects to gain the approval of the hotels, bars, restaurants, food court, etc, to avail their services? 2. What are the standard requirements to ensure the successful interior design projects delivery for the F&B industry? 3. What are the common problems that arise during the actual interior design project and delivery and how it can be

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