Westward Expansion 1800 To 1875 Dbq Analysis

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There were both positive and negative components of westward expansion from 1800 to 1875. By the late of 1800s, the land of the United States was mostly purchased. In seventy five years, the United States continuously expanded westward, which was encouraged by the idea of Manifest Destiny. New land in the United States led to more economic, social, and political opportunities. Gaining more land also led to disputes between the states and wars with other countries. Between 1800 and 1875, America continuously expanded westward through the acquisition of new land; there were both favorable and unfavorable consequences and outcomes of westward expansion. From 1800 to 1875 due to westward expansion, America was able to reach the goal of expanding…show more content…
One positive aspect of acquiring land was the advantages from Louisiana Purchase. In 1803, Thomas Jefferson purchased the Louisiana territory from France. Lewis and Clark described the land they saw and told Jefferson details about the interactions with the Indians, the landscape, and the creatures of the western world. Maps Clark made throughout the journey were later used to navigate the new terrioty. (Doc A) There were many advantages of the Louisiana Purchase such as the doubling of the size of the United States, total access to the Mississippi River and port of New Orleans, and more resourceful land to expand westward. Economic progress took place, and the more resourceful land the United States had, the more power the nation had. To encourage citizens to claim more land for homes and crops, the Homestead Act was passed. The Homestead Act of 1862 provided settlers with 160 acres of land, and in exchange, the land was to be used for living and growing crops. After 5 years of residency, settlers were able to receive ownership of the land. (Doc I) The Homestead Act was passed in order to encourage many Americans to migrate westward. If the settler agreed to pay $1.25 per acre, the land could be owned after six months of residency. John Gast was someone who was also able to encourage westward expansion by depicting the positive effects of westward expansion through art. In the painting, American Progress by John Gast, new light and hope is being brought to the West with the presence of God through the symbolization of the angel. (Doc F) The American Progress was painted in order to promote the expansion process of Manifest Destiny. The Americans wanted to incorporate civilization and innovation across America by expanding westward. The angel is holding a book to represent education as a highly

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