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Manifest Destiny and the Westward Expansion was made so that the Americans could expand as far as the Pacific Ocean. All though this was a benefit for the Americans, it caused the Native Americans and the Mexicans to deal with a lot of hardship. There were many political, economic, and social reasons for Manifest Destiny, but these reasons did not always have positive outcomes.
The Westward Expansion and Manifest Destiny negatively impacted the economic vision of America. Acres of land became cheaper to buy because Americans “ rapidly moved across the North American continent and used their belief in Manifest Destiny.” In Document 2, the poster shows, that land in the West was very cheap and it included a 10 year credit allowing a lot of newcomers
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Many non-Natives began to move westward. The White Settlers were not welcomed by the Native Americans. In Document 1, the graph shows that the the non-Native population began to increase in 1841 by 90,000 people, in 1805 the Native American population dramatically decreased due to having to find another place to humanize. This means that the non-Natives also known as the White Settlers, were ruling the Native American land, changing many things and kicking them out. Rivalry also began to form against the Americans between Mexico. In Document 6 it states, ¨ in order for the US to succeed they would need to invade Mexico.¨ This led to many deaths in the Mexican culture. A lot of Mexicans had to move away from the danger and the wars that were bound to happen. When the war between Mexico and the US occurred, Mexico lost a lot of land. On the website "ThoughtCo" it says, “ the Mexican lands were considerably harder to attain.¨ This means that when the Americans discovered that Mexico was having trouble taking care of their land it was made easier for them to take it away because they knew that they could benefit from it by selling the land. This is how the White Settlers took over many pieces of land not just from the…show more content…
“ The Mexican-American War” was a war between the Americans and the Mexicans. According to ¨ ThoughtCo ¨ it says, ¨ The Americans wanted California and other Mexican terrioryś ¨ With the power that the United States government had they were able to conquer Mexico. From 1846 to 1848, the United States of America and Mexico were in war. According to the website " ThoughtCo " it states, “ The war was disastrous for Mexico, as it was forced to sign away nearly half of its national territory, including California, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and parts of several other current US states.¨ This was a Benefit for the Americans because they had more territory and land, but on the other hand Mexico had lost most of their land and had to find a new place to rebuild their culture. The United state had a treaty with the Native Americans that “ negotiated to establish borders and prescribe conditions of behavior “. The United States broke the treaties regarding the Native Americans land and borders. This is how the White Settlers expanded their resources and
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