Westward Expansion In Robert Morgan's Lions Of The West

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In Robert Morgan’s writing, “Lions of the West,” he tell a good point about the history of westward expansion. Morgan states that everyone notices the famous people that were apart of westward expansion but the people who are not noticed are the most important and that is what Morgan is trying to point out. He gave a great point and gives much evidence to why the natives and people who are not mentioned very often are some of the most important people of westward expansion. Mogan also tells how we only know so much about westward expansion because that is all that they really want to tell us, but really there is so much more. In the text, “Chief Joseph Speaks…,” by Chief Joseph, he says, “We gave up our country to the white men, thinking that then we could have peace. We were mistaken. The white men would not leave us alone.,” showing the place the natives had in westward expansion. This…show more content…
The writing, “Thomas Jefferson’s America, 1801,” by Stephen Ambrose, he includes, “William Clark tried to adopt a part-Indian boy as his own son. He would not have dreamed of adopting a black boy as his own son,” which explains that african americans slaves were also a big part of the expansion of america and they were the ones who had to be slaves to the people expanding to the west, and also gave them more insight to the history of westward expansion. Although the natives and african americans were wrongly treated they played a huge part in the expansion of our nation,which is what Morgan is trying to explain. Morgan is trying to get the point across that there is more to the history of westward expansion then what they are letting on. Morgan has the right idea about how much history is being hidden and why it is. Everyone knows about the famous people being a part of westward expansion but they don’t want to think about the people who really made
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