Westward Expansion In Thomas Jefferson's America

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History has been distorted and shifted through limited point of views. History is made up of more than just the famous. Common people make up the biggest part of history, rarely is their side of the story heard. According to the central ideas of the texts, Thomas Jefferson’s America 1801 by Stephen Ambrose, American Progress by John Gast, and Chief Joseph Speaks by Chief Joseph, the claim that there is no true history of westward expansion is supported. Thomas Jefferson’s America, 1801 by Stephen Ambrose supports the claim that there is no true history of westward expansion. The source shows westward expansion through Jefferson’s eyes. Stephen Ambrose was very partial to Jefferson, “ In an age of imperialism, he was the greatest empire builder of all.”. Ambrose only supported Jefferson’s views, he never mentioned how westward expansion was affecting the people being forced off their land. Thomas Jefferson was a famous person, his views trumped those of less importance. American Progress by John Gast also gave evidence of the different point of views of westward expansion. On the left side of the painting Indians, buffalo, wagons, and settlers are…show more content…
Chief Joseph represents the views of the Indian people who are being forced off their land. The Indians point of view is much different from the American government and people. The Indians wanted peace and to remain on their land. “From where the sun now stands I will fight no more against the white man.” While the American people felt it was their destiny to expand and progress forward they were crushing the people who had lived on the land. Throughout history it is hardly ever mentioned how ethically wrong Americans treated the Indian people. The Text Chief Joseph Speaks shares the point of view of westward expansion for the Indians. History is contradicted between the famous and the common
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