Wet Hard Disk Essay

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How to Recover Data from Wet Hard Disk?
The large storage capacity of hard disks makes them one of the most significant data storage devices in your system. However, the downside is that water and electronic devices do not go well together. Same is the case with fire and electronic devices. The latter gets burnt when they are exposed to fire. Therefore, when hard disk drives get wet in water or burnt in the fire, they do not work in most of the cases and go dead. In such situations, it is scarcely possible that you will be able to use your hard disk again. Nonetheless, you can try to recover your valuable data from it. In this article, you will be guided through the do’s and don’ts that can help you to recover your valued data from a wet or
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Drying techniques such as the use of hair dryer, leaving the device out in the sun, etc. that involve heat or wiping with cloth can potentially damage the platters of your hard disk. This can make data recovery next to impossible.
2. The particles and minerals in water get stuck to the platters of your hard drive if it is dried up. This makes data recovery yet harder than if the platters of your hard disk are wet.
Note – You should wrap the wet hard drive in a paper towel and put it in an airtight container while removing as much air from the container as possible.
Do not open your wet hard drive – You should never open your wet hard disk on own. The reason being, the water is liquid and can move anywhere on the hard disk drive. In this way, it can damage the platters where the data is written. This may make data recovery quite impossible.
Do not delay to reach out to professionals – You should not wait too long to contact professionals. This is because none but the professionals can deal with situations like as wet and burnt hard disk. They have the expertise to extract complete data from the wet and burnt hard drives. Moreover, the more you wait to contact professionals the more difficult it gets to recover data from it. The reason being, the longer the water stays inside the hard disk it is more likely to reach to other areas of the hard drive, causing further

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