Wetbacks: The Undocumented Documentary Analysis

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Video Response Worksheet SOCI 101 CCBC / Fall 2015 Section __ / Franz, Aaron Wetbacks – the Undocumented Documentary A.) 1.) Aggregate – An aggregate is a group of people who occupy the same space, but do not necessarily consider themselves part of the same group. A good example of this are the groups moving through Mexico from other South American countries. Many of these people make stops in Mexico, but are often separated into groups based on their ethnicity or wealth. Especially so, many are assaulted or even robbed by, essentially, corrupt enforcement individuals based upon the fact that they are not part of their group, being an illegal immigrant to Mexico. This represents a segregation point between people occupying the same…show more content…
It is a larger, more anonymous group that functions based on statuses, common interests, proximity, or other such situations. An example would be a peer-group attending the same Chemistry class. In the case of the subjects in Wetback – The Undocumented Documentary, the secondary groups of the subjects are unique, and fluctuating. At the start, some of those attempting to trek north form groups in order to ease the burden of travel. As they progress, many form tertiary groups that function similar to secondary groups, such as at shelters or stops along the route. These groups can provide information, assistance, and camaraderie along the perilous journey those that attempt to illegally immigrate must…show more content…
2.) Immigration-Refuge – An immigration refuge functions as a safe haven for those making the trek to find food, water, and shelter. 3.) Mexican Immigration Militia – A group of people designated to stop the flow of immigrants northward from Mexico 's southern border, and along the entire travel path to the U.S. border. C.) 1.) Many refuge camps are set up in Mexico offering services to immigrants. One in the film was highlighted and represented by which insitution? a.) Mexican government b.) Private company c.) Catholic church d.) Refugees themselves The correct answer is c.). This is an example of groups, and the functions that many of them have, as well as the ideals many of them hold 2.) Which of the following is considered a secondary group? a.) Family b.) Government c.) Sea anemone d.) Peers The correct answer is d.) This is the only title within the list that functions as a group in which a common interest of function is shared, that does not feature characteristics of a Primary Group. 3.) What is an aggregate? a.) A group of people in a similar area or environment, but do not consider themselves the same group of people. b.) The study how gender reflects social

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