Wetlands Research Paper

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Wetlands are a vital feature in our environment and over the years the draining of wetlands and removal of plants from wetlands for crop fields and industrial space has created problems in terms of flooding and soil erosion in surrounding areas where wetlands once were.
The Effect of Removing Plants from Wetlands will test how significant the flooding in a plant-less wetland environment is.
Research Question:
What is the effect of removing plants from wetlands?
Research Hypothesis:
Removing plants from wetlands will increase flooding.
Wetlands provide a wide variety of plants and are a habitat for many animals. The removal of plants from wetlands for crop fields and industrial development will impact
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2002. ‘Wetlands’]. Wetland plants oppose the erosive forces of moving water along lakes and rivers thus reducing the amount of sediment deposited into the ocean.

Research will be conducted on the benefits of plants in wetlands and the consequences of removing plants from wetlands.
Step One: Set out small scale testing structure; container A and container B
Step Two: Place plant (Calendula officinalis / marigold) in container A and leave container B empty
Step Three: Pour 250mƖ of water into each container (using a beaker)
Step Four: Measure the amount of water visible in each container (using ruler)
Step Five: Observe and record the results
*experiment to be repeated over a four week period*
A table showing the amount of water(mm) in container A (with plant) and container B (without plant) from soil line
Day Container A Container
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