Wgu Data Analysis Task 2

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What outcomes will be analyzed and how they will be analyzed? Although the veterans are asked their full name and last four of their social security, the scanning provides the added comfort of providing the security or safety for everyone involved. The outcome of this research will show data that will be analyzed pre and post implementation of the BMCA system, which the approach is to show a significant change in the medication error rate. The outcome will be based on pre and post implementation of the barcode medication system by measuring the medication error rate. There will be 100 veteran patients that will be assessed prior to implementation of the BCMA, and 100 veterans post implementations. Observers that will analyze administration errors, presence or absence of an error in the dose of medication administered during the observation period. Describe the statistical analysis you will do relating this to the data collection tools you plan to use. The VA outpatient clinic…show more content…
Each veteran will be administered a new VA identification card that has “bar-lines” for scanning purposes. When a veteran’s medication is administered, the nurse scans the veteran’s card, in addition to scanning the medication that is to be administered. The veterans are asked their full name and last four of their social security number, however with the scanning of their cards, it provides the additional security when confirming their allergies, age, weight, and gender. The study will use a monitoring system that is used by the VA’s called Surveillance of adverse drug events (ADEs). This system is used for reporting observed and new ADEs at the VA (VA, 2014). VA ADERS allows individuals to report, track, and electronically submit serious adverse drug events to the FDA’s MedWatch system (VA, 2014). Nurses should be educated on new medication policy and procedure, as well as, protocols (Anderson & Townsend,

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