Wgu Math Task 1

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Goal: When reading a 5th grade passage and a word is unknown, Scott will be able to use the context clues, word roots, prefixes, suffixes and inflectional ending within a passage for 3 out of 4 trials. In reading, Scott is diligently working on expanding his vocabulary words. When Scott comes to a word that he doesn’t know he is able to figure out the meaning within the context, but he doesn’t know how to pronounce the word. He has been working on expanding on his vocabulary range of words that are of grade appropriate. He is doing very well at being able to sound out the vocabulary words at recognizing them. He will continue to be exposed to new vocabulary words and will shift into working with prefixes, suffixes and root words. As this will help him break, down the words and develop an understanding for more new words. Math…show more content…
In Math, Scott is working on developing a strategy to help him solve one-digit and two-digit multiplication problems. He has been exposed to the Bow-Tie method for two-digit, grouping and the array strategy for one-digit multiplication. He is doing very well at understanding and using the method to assist him in solving the multiplication problems. There have been improvements in his assessments by creating a strategy that works for him. After Scott has used the strategy over time, he will develop automaticity for solving the multiplication. The next half of the clinical session, Scott will be building upon his multiplication strategies to complete division
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