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To the Government of Denmark, Given the escalating situation in Mali and prior efforts to support peacekeeping missions and recognizing the importance of the implementations of MINUSMA(2013), I have decided to send this letter. Additionally, I am concerned with the migration patterns in Europe and the influences of this on the political unrest within Denmark. I hope for future references that this recommendation with regard to Mali can inspire other decisions with regard to peacekeeping in the future. Denmark has always supported peace and nation building in Africa and will continue to do so. In 2011 Denmark has supported the French military intervention Serval as Denmark has previously recognized the importance of stabilizing this region.…show more content…
Europe and Denmark should worry its direct effect amongst the state. Any escalation in Mali's situation will directly affect the entire of the European Union which is why I suggest Denmark promotes support from the European Union within Mali. This promotion of support should be done by taking the first lead. I advise you to increase support from the current 45 soldiers that had been sent into Mali in October 2015, to 55 soldiers and request from the European Union to do the same. Another issue with the European migrant problem is that technically refugees are looking for safety. However, certain refugees seek asylum in more wealthy countries where they could possibly build a future. Denmark being one of the most prospering countries in Europe, this attitude directly affects Denmark. Refugees should remain refugees and the integration of refugees remains an issue within the European Union. Denmark should respect the EU policies regarding the freedom of movement of people, however, Denmark should recognize the draining effects refugees have on the country. Therefore I suggest that it is made clear to international institutions that peacekeeping troops are to promote a resolution to the refugee

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