Wgu S311 Task 2

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Collectively, we urge your support for S3111 and respectfully ask for the bill to be posted for a vote in the Senate Budget Committee. We applaud Senator Gill for the introduction of S3111 and Senator Kean and Beach for signing on as co-sponsors of the bill. S3111 was passed out of the Senate Commerce Committee with unanimous support. We urge the members of the Budget Committee to lend their support for successful passage of S3111. The implementation of medication synchronization, a process which is proven to save the system money by promoting improved medication adherence and eliminating waste when new medications are added and later discontinued due to various factors, would permit insurers in the State of New Jersey as well as the…show more content…
Pharmacists are in a unique position to help. They have the ability and knowledge to implement programs as part of their daily practice to ensure that patients are adherent to their medications. As the medication experts, pharmacists should lead the way to improving medication adherence and providing optimal patient care. The provisions of this bill do not pose a mandate but where appropriate would require the proration of prescriptions, related cost sharing, and dispensing costs in order to conform the patient to one monthly refill that occurs on the same date each month. This occurs only when the patient agrees to “opt in” as presented, if deemed beneficial, by the physician and the pharmacist. Therefore, necessitating only one visit to the pharmacy per month for the patient. In order to effectuate this process, patient copayments or cost sharing and current dispensing parameters need to be adjusted in order to protect both patients’ out of pocket costs and pharmacists who are providing the health care service in compliance with state and federal mandates despite the quantity being
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