Whales In Captivity Research Paper

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Imagine, a 22.5 feet long killer whale that weighs 12,000 pounds, slammed and dragged a person in the water who only weighed 125 pounds. The image is gruesome but that’s what happened to SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau. A respected 40 year old who fought hard to stay alive against the largest orca in captivity. Accordingly to witnesses Tili (short for Tilikium), the Orca went wild during the Dine with Shamu Show, then attacked and killed Dawn. The event shocked everyone because Orcas are usually very friendly but Dawn Brancheau was the third victim of Tilikium. There has been no record of people getting harmed by Orcas in the wild and that raised many question about Tili’s sudden outburst. Researches have shown that whales in captivity have

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