What America Means To Me Essay

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Have you ever thought of what makes the country we live in special? Or even what you, yourself thinks of it? In this essay, I will be explaining what America means to me. I was born in America and have spent my whole life here. Just recently I went on a trip to the East coast and I got to see many monuments and memorials that were dedicated to the events that formed our country. The three main character traits I think apply to America are equality, sacrifice, and freedom, and I will be explaining why I think these are, in the following paragraphs. The first main idea I will be talking about is equality. In America, we are given multiple opportunities here to express ourselves in ways people in other countries will never be able to. Countries in the Middle East, for example, treat women as if they were animals. They don’t get any jobs, other than working the household, and they aren’t looked upon as equals. The men are the ones running things and they are in charge of the family and workforces. I, myself am a girl and I find this…show more content…
Sacrifice is one that is shown a lot in our country. One way it’s shown is by all the people that go into the military. They sacrifice so much for their country and it’s from this great dedication that we should respect and honor them. They go out onto the front lines fighting, knowing that they may never see their families again. They risk everything to serve our country. Not only that, but their families sacrifice their security knowing that they may never be able to see their parents or spouse again. This can put a lot of pressure on children whose parent is sent away for months at a time, let alone a child with both parents in the military. A spouse has to learn how to single-handedly raise children and work the house. But all these people and all of their individual stories are what makes America so great. So honorable. People sacrificing so much for the country they
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