What Are Asylum Seekers Persuasive Speech

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Asylum seekers. The Oxford dictionary defines this as someone who has left their home as a political refugee to seek refuge somewhere else. These people have gone through hardships we cannot fathom. drought and famine may be just a few of the things they have experienced. Good morning Mrs/Mr ....... and my fellow students, I'm alan sajeev and today I'll will persuading you as to why asylum seekers should not be allowed into the country. Firstly, under the United Nations refugee convention, asylum seekers are allowed to exercise their right and as Australia is a signatory of this convention they are allowed to seeK asylum in our country. but think of the amount of time, effort and money would be needed to complete this task. Yes we could be like Germany and give them a home but look what has happened. Just …show more content…

currently we have a population of 24 million and a Victorian unemployment rate of 5.8%. Did you know that by 2020 most factory jobs will be replaced or gone. As you know many Holden and Toyota factories are closing down. This could soon increase the rate. Do we want to put asylum seekers who have come seeking a better life into these situation. do we want to increase the rate. also as our population increase we destroy more animal habitats and move further inland. According to the Australian Bureau of statistics, 90% of the population live near the coast or slightly further away. As we move further inland we destroy more habitats. Why do we want to increase our population and build more housing than necessary. For those asylum seekers who come and are financially unstable even buying or renting a house can be a big problem and with the brexit happening, global share prices and the economy could change. I ask you again do we want to put people who have come seeking for a better life through this. won't it be better for us to send aid to the respective countries and help them with there

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