What Are Bad Influences In Macbeth

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Influences Do it! Do it! Do it! People around us all the time say this directly or indirectly.They are always trying to push us towards something, RIGHT or WRONG. They can sometime pull us to do something that we really don 't even want to do like drugs or stealing or they can motivate us to achieve better things that benefit us. Thankfully in my life, my good influences have prevailed over my bad ones. However, I have seen someone I was close to who has suffered due to the dominance of bad influences, just like a major theme portrayed Macbeth by Shakespeare. It is sad, but true, that bad influences often comes from people who you are close to and trust. They could be your friends or they could be your family. Usually our good influences from family help us to push down influences from the outside world but new bad influences can creep ahead, overpower us, and lead us to terrible doom. Some people have been faced with this dilemma. We may not realize these impacts can be detrimental and damaging to us, but if we ever take the time to see, people around us encounter that. I recently noticed one such instance among my friends. In this case, I’ll call him Dave. I knew him from elementary school, he is older than me but that didn’t stop us from becoming friends. Dave and I had lived in the same neighbourhood and went to the same…show more content…
Dave had become an entirely new person. I could notice he kept up with drugs, probably other harmful substance as well. I knew that even though Dave was not a bad guy, his new friends guided him to take drugs, something Dave knew was harmful for him. Peer pressure caused him to lose himself and to become someone else. Shakespeare has seemed to have Macbeth do the same thing. Demonstrated in his play, Macbeth is no longer the well respected Thane of Cawdor, he had become a murderer . Continuing his killings after the king, Macbeth enjoyed the harm to himself. Just as Dave had murdered his future and he refused to

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