What Are Bill Clinton's Achievements

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Bill Clinton had a remarkable presidency. The United States proved eminence from his leadership and devotion. His goal was to help the minority and the oppressed. He accomplished a numerous amount of things such as setting educational standards, lowering the unemployment rates, and lowering crime rates. His foreign policy was outstanding as well. Towards the end of his presidency he was stained with the Lewinsky Scandal that molded the way America saw Bill Clinton presidency, inadequate. People see Bill Clinton's presidency as a failure because of the Lewinsky Scandal, but what they fail to acknowledge is his achievements such as: prioritizing education, creating jobs, lowering crime rates, and demonstrating excellent foreign policies. Monica…show more content…
Goal 2000 was a federal program set in place by Bill Clinton to help America reach the eight goals. The first goal was that all student will come to school ready to learn. The Second was the graduation rates of high school graduated will increase 90%. Third, every student who went through elementary school to high school will exhibit mastery of each required subject. All American students must learn to use their minds properly and to its full extent. The fourth goal: National teaching forces will have access to programs for extensive professional learning skills. The fifth goal is for the United States to be leading in the achievements of mathematics and science. Seventh goal: schools are to be drug-free, violence-free, unauthorized firearms-free. The last goal is schools will promote growth in the children socially, economically, and academically…show more content…
Clinton was key in the 1998 Good Friday Agreement. The agreement was between Britain and Northern Ireland about the ways Northern Ireland should be governed. Bill Clinton sealed the deal of the Cold War. He helped convince the Soviet Union to give up their nuclear weapons and control nuclear materials. He also collaborated with NATO to bomb Serbia because Slobodan Milosevic were killing people from certain ethnic groups (On Jobs). He knew about the growing threat of Al Qaeda. As a result, he immediately sent a group of CIA’s to track down Osama Bin Laden (pros cons).
Bill Clinton is a president to remember. People see Bill Clinton's presidency as a failure, but what they fail to acknowledge is the achievements. His presidency was a series of ups and downs. Clinton is mostly remembered by the notorious Lewinsky Scandal, but he is more than just one mistake. Through his drive and determination, Bill Clinton manage to accomplish great things. He set standards for education by creating Goal 2000. He created jobs which lowered the unemployment rate. During his presidency, the unemployment rates were one of the lowest in history. He also had foreign

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