What Are Dr. W. E. B Dubois's Accomplishments

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Dr. W.E.B Dubois was an educator, writer, scholar, civil right activist, pan-Africanist born on February 23rd as a free man in his small village Barrington, Massachusetts, exactly three years after the American civil war. During generation, the Dubois family were fully accepted in their community. The great grandfather of Dr. W.E.B Dubois fought in the American revolution. In his small town of barely 5,000 people, class and race were totally neglected. However, at a young age, Dubois was warned about his African heritage. For instance, through the songs his grandmother taught him. In addition, this awareness set him apart from his New England community. With a culture, full of mysteries in total contrast with the history and culture of the…show more content…
Upon his support for black nationalism and communism. His is recognized as one of the most influential African American scholars of the 20th century. Paving the way for advocates of civil rights. Alternately considered a leader and an outcast. Dr.W.E.B Dubois was considered by many as an amazing leader and a strong activist voice. Let alone, his work spread around a wide variety of subjects including history, sociology, fiction, biography and autobiography. One of Dr. W.E.B Dubois most acclaimed work the soul of black folks a collection of fourteen essay describing the states of blacks in America. He is also remembered for his rivalry with Booker. T Washington over the role of Black African American in the society. An issue that he wrote about in one of his essays collected in the souls of black folk (1903). According, to Arnold Rampersad, a biographer and literary critic Black Folk became” perhaps the most influential work on blacks in America since Uncle Tom’s cabin.” In the essay by Harriet Beecher Stowe highlighting the horrors of slave
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