What Are Frederick Douglass Idea Of Humanity

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Throughout history there have been few important black civil rights activist. Arguably one of the most important leaders named Frederick Douglass was born into slavery, in February 1818. Douglas wrote many pieces of literature, but he only wrote one fictional story, The Heroic Slave in 1853. This story is based loosely off of real people and actual events in Frederick's life. In the modern world all people are considered equal by law, back in the slavery era the idea that blacks were equivalent to whites was constantly questioned. Frederick Douglass’ idea of humanity is that all people should be treated equal despite ethnicity or physical appearance. The relationship between Madison Washington and Mr. Listwell shows Frederick’s ideology on Humanity. Mr. Listwell is Washington’s owner, but unlike many slave owners he sets his slaves free. Mr. Listwell liberating Washington helps show that Douglass believes blacks should be free like whites. Also when Mr. Listwell sees Washington get enslaved again he is shocked. Once Mr. Listwell discovers that Madison was caught trying to free his wife who was a slave,…show more content…
On the 4th of July, independence day, Douglass gave a speech still remembered to this day. His famous, "What to the Slave is 4th of July?" lecture address slavery and why it is contradicting America’s roots and beliefs; equality, freedom, and democracy. This shows Douglass’ views on humanity, all blacks are human and should be treated equal. This is shown by the countless arguments against slavery he delivers during his speech. Feredick states that his main point of his speech is how America is being untrue to their founding principles, by treating blacks like they are not real humans. Douglass concludes with an optimistic note saying eventually anti-slavery will triumph over pro-slavery. This helps further deepen his point that blacks deserve freedom because they are humans just like
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