What Are Gender Roles In Beowulf

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Image you met this guy name Beowulf, he was a strong , powerfull and a confident person. Many people looked up to him. Nothing could get in his way. During the Anglo Saxon Period, many Gender roles were viewed differently then we looked today in our society. Many views were looked at differently like how men treat women, how king should act but in modern society we see some similarities in our time.In the Beowulf’ movie and poem, gender roles and society’s view affects how Beowulf is In the movie, Beowulf is pictured as a hero but a little bit of a human while in the poem he is strong powerful hero. The first topic is Gender role and, throughout the movie and poem, men and women were portrayed differently. The first topic is Gender role and, throughout the movie and poem, men and…show more content…
Also in the movie that is different from the poem is how other men were hitting on woman. Another thing that is different from the movie and poem is how Beowulf show he has two different side to him. In the movie, Beowulf was considered both a hero and a Human. The Similarities between the Poem and movie is Beowulf,is considered to be a Hero for killing grendel. Beowulf was a powerful man and people trusted him. On the other hand, in the movies, when Hrothgar's pulls aside Beowulf he ask him if he has the drinking cup and he totally lies to the king by saying I don't want to bring it out. Second, beowulf show a different side of him is In the poem, in line 522- 525 page 49 “caught her in the neck and cut it through,/ Broken Bone and all./ Her body fell/ To the floors, lifeless, the sword was wet/ With her blood,and Beowulf rejoiced at the sight, it's talking about how Beowulf killed Grendel's Mother but in the movie Beowulf did not kill her. When watching the book and movie I see that beowulf has presented him with some

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