What Are Gender Stereotypes In Fairy Tales

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Grimm’s Fairy Tales (1812) “Cinderella” and “Snow White”, and Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales (1837) “The Little Mermaid”, shows an existence of gender stereotypes occurring in a children’s story. Although fairy tales are an important part of children’s literature, in what way do they influence them? The debate is endless; however, people think the bad influence is mainly on the women because of the way they are stereotyped. The female’s roles in fairy tales characterize women not having their own independence, power, and voice to represent them. In these three stories, the women’s characters perpetuate the stereotypical gender message that the ideal woman is submissive in different ways. The story of “Cinderella” reflects different…show more content…
The role and especially age do not matter when a female should be submissive. Snow White started at the very young age of seven years old. When the dwarfs notice Snow White in their home and she told the story of why she was there, the dwarfs said, “If you will take care of our house, cook, make the beds, wash, sew, and knit, and if you will keep everything neat and clean, you can stay with us and you shall want for nothing” (252). Once again, the statement insinuates a female should have the ability to do housework and mainly focus home as the main part of their responsibility. It also shows the expectation of being told what to do, to be rewarded at the end. Another example is when Snow White is adding her agreement by saying, “Yes, with all my heart” (252). The role of submissive is shown here because she is obedient to being told what to do to by others, so she will not face any negative consequences. The reader’s gender message tells us that being able to be obedient and taking care of a home could result with good family-oriented skills within the submissive role later in life. Sometimes temptation can intervene with the way a female should carry herself. When the wicked Queen finds out where Snow White is located, she decides to disguise herself and visit the girl. Each time the wicked Queen disguises herself to sell things to Snow…show more content…
The perceptions of being submissive still influence women’s thoughts and daily life today, even though it happened centuries ago. The new angle that submissive roles in a woman should have broader aspects to go with it. The woman 's ability to take care of home is good, but it should not be our main responsibility, having independence, being vocal, along with the strength and courage should be the important aspect a woman should carry in their submissive role to have a greater positive and influential role in this

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