What Are George Beadle's Accomplishments

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George Beadle George Beadle has an award named after him because of his work in genetics (Bay). Even though Beadle did not work alone, he was the person who was chosen to have an award named after them. George has been around many people throughout his life who have helped him make his achievements. Beadle grew up in a place that influenced him to make discoveries with many people, and those discoveries allowed Beadle to have a successful end to his life. All of George’s accomplishments started in Wahoo, Nebraska. On October 22, 1903, George was born to a farmer, Elmer Beadle, and his wife, Hattie Albro. George then attended school in Wahoo, Nebraska when he was old enough (“George Beadle- Biographical”). He was planning on becoming…show more content…
Beadle, along with Tatum and Joshua Lederberg, received the 1958 Nobel piece prize in physiology or medicine for showing that genes regulated chemical reactions. Beadle was also awarded with many other awards because of that discovery. In total, Beadle earned nine hours from colleges, four awards from colleges, and two national awards (Bay). He also got an honorary degree of LL.D. from the University of California. Beadle’s awards allowed him to become the president of the University of Chicago between 1961 and 1968. In 1968, Beadle retired from his position of president because he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The next year, on June 9, he died in Pomona, California (“George Beadle- Biographical). George Beadle got many awards that allowed him to finish his live on a successful and positive note. In conclusion, Beadles childhood lead Beadle to make his discovery, and his discovery allowed him to have a successful end to his life. He would not have been able to do what he has done without all the help that he got. Beadle, in the end, is slightly more important than his coworkers because he got an award named after
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