What Are George Washington's Achievements

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Part 1: George Washington is one of the most pivotal people in our history, along with many other presidents, but he holds premise due to the fact that he was our first president, led us as a general through a very tough war, and lastly, knowing he was the first president he had to make a statement and set marks for president that would come after him. George Washington also ushered in the Bill of Rights, mobilized troops against the Whiskey Rebellion, and lastly Established the two-term precedent we have now. He is one of the best generals to front an army, and he gave us the ground of a government that we were able to build off of and excel from. George signed a treaty to normalize trade relations with Britain, his list of achievements goes…show more content…
Culturally, he was seen as an icon and decorated general of the United States army, not just the president of the united states. What he did during the revolutionary war, from crossing the Delaware (twice, might I add), Smallpox Inoculation program to keeping the Military from complete and utter collapse prior to the decisive victory at Yorktown.
Part 4: Around the same time, Ben Franklin was making massive moves, he was seen as a practical genius, engineer, and inventor. We all know the amazing things he did, and comparing him to George Washington many people would say Benjamin is better. Even if Ben is better, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he and George Washington aren’t on their own levels when it comes to what they did for this
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Even though, we had such a crazy election this year, he would probably hold no premise in today’s society simply because the government has changed so much, and his rules and much other stuff that he would probably like to see would be completely different. As far what would be deemed unacceptable, I don’t really know what would be considered acceptable and unacceptable from that time periods standpoint, the way taxes worked would probably be unacceptable, but that’s about it. Though, I believe I would save the documents he’s ever penned and the records of his achievements because this would be about the pinnacle of the United States considering they are just starting to become a nation. What he was able to do was amazing and back then I don’t think anybody else could have done it during the time. He was an exemplary commander and even better general. When the people who survived the meteor were to come up and have this stuff. They could try to recreate history by his teachings. We could start over, and it could be like the 1700’s again. In full, George Washington has influenced all government movements and we’ve been able to grow from and expand our military also. Like previously stated, saving this
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