What Are Harriet Tubman's Greatest Achievements

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When people hear the name Harriet Tubman, people usually think about the Underground Railroad but, many people don’t know much about her other great achievements. In about 1822 Dorchester County, Maryland, Harriet Tubman was born into slavery with the name Araminta Ross. In 1844, Araminta married a free black man named John Tubman. Her status remained as a slave but, she was able to change her name; she took her mother’s first name, and her husband’s last name. When Harriet’s master died in 1849, she decided run on her own. The route to freedom was long and dangerous yet, she was still able to make it. In the next eleven years, Harriet would come back to guide fugitive slaves to freedom and would be part of the Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad was a network of secret routes and safe houses that extended to Canada. So, what was Harriet Tubman’s greatest achievement? The greatest achievements of Harriet Tubman were being part of the Underground Railroad, being a spy, a great nurse, and a caregiver. One of…show more content…
For instance in the note of Document C it says, “About one year into the Civil War, Harriet Tubman was asked by the governor of Massachusetts to join Union troops in South Carolina. There she headed up a team of eight black spies to operate behind the lines and provide intelligence for a Union raid to free slaves.” Document C also shows that Harriet Tubman said, “At last the Captain looked at them and he called me…. “Moses, come here and speak a word of consolation to your people!” … I looked at them about two minutes, and then sung to them…. I kept on singing until we brought all aboard.” Harriet Tubman was able to be a leader to her people and be in charge of a spy ring that helped during a time where black women weren’t doing such things. She led a raid that saved 800 people! That is an amazing achievement that she was able to
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