What Are Helen Keller's Accomplishments

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Helen Keller was a woman that impacted the community greatly. She was the eyes of the blind and the ears of the deaf. She had many hurdles in her life but she never let them stop her from following her dreams. Keller not only accomplished her dreams but she also helped and made it possible for other woman to accomplish their dreams in life. This helped blind and deaf women to live regular, everyday lives as well. She showed that nothing was impossible and that you can do great things if you never give up. “Helen Keller received many honors in recognition of her accomplishments” (Bio.com Editors). Helen Adams Keller was born on June 27, 1880 in the small town of Tuscumbia, Alabama. Keller was born with all of her senses. She started speaking…show more content…
She published many books, including: The World I live in, The song of the Stone Wall, and Out of the Dark. She also wrote many things as well, such as, magazine articles. The most popular book she published was The story of My Life. This book was an autobiography of her own life. Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller also did many lectures. “The point of these lectures was to increase public comprehension of the life of the perceptually impaired” (Williams, Donna Glee). Helen was not satisfied with what she had already done though. “She expanded her focus and interest on human limitations” (Williams, Donna Glee). When she soon got all of the people’s attention on this subject, she got on the subject of woman suffrage. Many of these subjects caught people’s attention and expanded their eyes as well. In the 1920’s Helen and Anne traveled around the world on “fundraising tours for the American Foundation for the Blind, an agency Helen supported until her death” (Williams, Donna Glee). Helen Keller spent most of her life writing, lecturing, studying and traveling. Although Anne found the love of her life, Helen never found the love of her life, but She was once engaged to Peter Fagan but her family disapproved of this man. Helen Keller was well known throughout her time on Earth. Helen Keller. She traveled to thirty-five countries on five countries. Once of her most exciting adventures was a forty thousand mile, five-month adventure through Asia. Although, Helen was very confident and did what she loved to do the most; There was one problem. This problem was that every time a person would take a picture of her it had to be a profile picture which hid her left eye. Her left eye was obviously messed up and blind. Therefore, Helen had both of her eyes taken out and replaced them with glass eyeballs. This allowed people to now take pictures with her looking straight at the camera. “She was
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