What Are Invasive Species

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Invasive species This refers to the animal and plant species as well as pathogens, which are not native inhabitance of a given land. The introduction of these animals to a new land is not recommended because of the harm they cause to the existing living organisms in that place (USDA). The invasive species create a significant change in an ecosystem in terms of constituents and the need for food and production. Initially, we have an ecosystem that has been balanced in terms of food chain and food web as well as the population growth. The introduction of the invasive species will create a new demand in terms of food, shelter and reproduction. As a result, the entire ecosystem will be disoriented. Invasive Species in Region Africanized bees, brown tree snake and Zebra mussels are examples of popular invasive species (USDA). Endemic species…show more content…
They have limited chances of survival if they are transferred from their native region to another. The state of their ecological context is referred to as endemism. The endemic species often survive in unique geographical locations with specifically defined whether conditions, landscape, vegetation, and temperature among other things. They have developed special futures to adapt to that specific environment only (USDA). They can only survive in another area with similar conditions. It is important to note that organisms found in such specific places only become endemic when they are not found elsewhere. These species are restricted to a defined place with feature that supports their lives. Lemurs are examples of endemic diseases living Madagascar
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