What Are Jim Crow Laws

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Jim Crow Laws are laws that segregated blacks from the whites and it also took a lot of rights from the blacks. After the reconstruction the whites were afraid of the blacks taking over, so they created these laws. After these laws took place the blacks were disrespected and limited rights. The whites wanted these laws so the blacks couldn’t take over the world. The whites needed these laws because they were worried about their families and their businesses. The whites were the people that mostly owned the business because they were the only ones that had the money to run the business. The creator of the laws were Jim Crow. Jim Crow was a white entertainer in late 1800’s. Jim originally created the laws to segregate the blacks and the whites so their would be no harm in between them.…show more content…
All the government officials were white and so they raided the poll taxes so most blacks could not vote. The reason why they raised it is because they didn’t want the all the blacks trying to vote for the same person. Now most of them can’t vote because they can’t afford the tax that is put on the voting poll. The government also created things to where each race has their own things. The blacks and whites had different bathrooms, seats on the bus, schools, restaurants, drinking fountains, and etc. Blacks were treated equally in the book. Tom Robinson was accused of rape but he truely didn’t do. The reason why people thought he did do it was because of his race. Tom Robinson was a black worker that had an arm that didn’t work so he couldn’t use it. Of course the final verdict of the case was that he was found guilty. A big reason why he was found guilty is because the whole jury is white and the girl that claimed she got raped was white. So they would probably believe the whites before they trust a black. Later that night Tom was sent to jail where he was shot by a
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