What Are Jim Thorpe's Major Accomplishments

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1. Jim Thorpe; has been characterized as one of the greatest athletes America has ever seen. Thorpe was born on May 28, 1887 in a single room cabin in small town Oklahoma, Prague. Jim attended school at an all indian establishment in Pennsylvania, although he began his athletic career somewhere else. He began playing football and running track. From Carlisle he was selected in an third-team All-American in 1908. In 1909 and 1910 he made the first team, some say that he may dedicated his success to his coach Glenn "pop" Warner. At the age of 24 Thorpe became part of the all american team and sailed to Stockholm, Sweden for the 1912 Olympic games. Thorpe began setting records in multipart games, known as the pentathlon and the decathlon, those…show more content…
Will Rogers; Will Rogers, or the man who was voted greatest actor in 1934 was born in Oologah, Oklahoma. He was born in 1879 on November 4th. Will Rogers was a unique man in his age, starting on working in the wild west but then slowly moving into broadway after his rope tricks got old. Starting out learning most of his roping tricks from his father on their ranch. Roger's soon got tired of the boring everyday lifestyle that he was having and moved onto the traveling wild west show, leaving home when he was just a teenager. Although Rogers was very talented in rope tricks that is not what game him is fame. Will was very charming and humours and handsome, which made him extremely popular amongst the ladies. The way he looked not only got the ladies attention but also Broadway's attention and he became very successful in his acting career. Not only was Roger a actor he was also a writer. On August 15, 1935 Rogers was killed in a plane crash on impact in Point Barrow…show more content…
Daniel Patrick Moynihan ; Daniel Moynihan to the best of the best when it comes to the former senators. Daniel was a US senator for the state of New York. Although Daniel was a senator NY he was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was born in march 16, 1927. He was 75 and died on Washington D.C from a ruptured appendix, due to lack of knowledge. Daniel was very much known for his well opinionated and entertainment seeking style. He seemed to be a person that did not seem to care about the feeling of other coworkers of citizens. Moynihan seemed to have a hard life knowing that his father moved them from Oklahoma a realitivelty cheap state to New York, and leaving them a couple years later. When Daniel's father left it left their entire family in poverty for a long time leaving them to hop from Manhattan apartments every few weeks. He ended up working part time on the streets shining shoes and getting small little corner jobs here and there. Graduating with honors from highschool left him with a prosperous future. Daniel decided that he was going to have a family and still take care of his mother and siblings as

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