What Are Josef Mengele's Horrible Experiments

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“The more we do it to you, the less you seem to be believe we are doing it.” This is a quote from Dr. Josef Mengele and it gives people confused thoughts on what this means. Josef Mengele was a German Schutzstaffel officer and physician in Auschwitz concentration camp during World War 2. Dr. Mengele carried out human experiments on camp inmates, especially twins. Mengele performed horrific experiments on twins and received the nickname “The Angel of Death.” In this essay, I will tell you some of the horrible experiments Dr. Mengele did to the twins at Auschwitz and some background research on him. When Dr. Mengele needed test subjects, soldiers hunted for twins, giants, and dwarfs, but twins were his main subjects. Adult twins voluntarily presented themselves in hope of better treatment, same for dwarfs. The twins and dwarfs were allowed to keep civilian clothes and had specially designed barracks. There they were treated with a certain regard. The food was decent, bunks comfortable, and possibilities for hygiene were provided. Mothers hoped for special treatment if they gave their twin children up for research. Their beliefs didn’t turn out the way they hoped. The mothers would go to the left while their twin children would go to the right… They would…show more content…
Mengele and his team performed other experiments on the twins. In one experiment, to investigate the effects of various poisons upon human beings. The poison were secretly put into the subjects food and they died in result of the poison. Most were immediately killed and then they were able to perform autopsies on the subject. Another experiment involved malaria injections. The subjects were infected by mosquitoes or by injections of extracts of the mucous glands of mosquitoes. After having contracted malaria, the victims were treated with various drugs to test their relative efficacy. Over one-thousand victims were used in these experiments. Many died and others suffered severe pain and permanent
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